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The knowledge of Finance & Banking

We have the most sought after industry experts teaching the very core basics of banking industry so that you have the best learning curve achieved.

Join the top shot banks

We have been able to place our students to the most reputable banks & the profiles offered to our students is of Operations Department , we don’t encourage job opening for Sales, Back End or Tech Support process.

Modern way of Teaching. Smarter way of Learning

Our methods of teaching are new & help you learn all of it with the smart tips & tricks that are going to be always helpful for performing operations on your job.

Not Just 9 to 5

Our experts are always available to your queries through phone calls, messages & social media. 24x7 we are there for our students.

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  1. Meet your advisor

    After filling out your enquiry form, we will setup a meeting with an advisor which would further provide you with the best consultation on how you can approach banking industry.

  2. Join the program

    Select the program that is suited best as per your need. We have 2 programs for students i.e. Certified Bank Ready Program(CBRP) & Investment Bank Ready Program(IBRP). Batches as per your needs.

  3. Get Regular Job Alerts

    Our placement cell is sharing across various job openings from our associated banks that hire students from PSIB because of their learnings & adaptions towards banking industry.





  1. Our Bank Ready program has been designed keeping in mind the growing Manpower needs
  2. A thorough practical learning initiative aimed at capitalizing on the mounting competent and knowledgeable manpower needs of the BFSI sector.
  3. Through our Career Enhancement Cell, an Ex PSIBian can plan his career for an accelerated growth.


  • Bank Ready Programs

    Just the best in industry with complete exposure to all the theoretical & practical aspects.

  • Direct Consultation with Industry Experts

    Our trainers are no other than the working professionals from the industry who have helped shaping careers of many in the banking industry.

  • Stay Updated on Jobs

    Best Job opportunities shared directly with you & we also help you prepare for interviews as well.

  • Strong Support

    We believe in all of our students & we help them cope up all the stress through proper consultation so that they achieve their final GOAL.

We train the Bankers of tomorrow.

Since our inception, PSIB is preparing the bankers from the basics to professional standard through the usage of smart learning during our diploma of Banking & Finance & we inspire new ways of how to be successful in banking operations.

We are the providing
the Best Banking & Finance Course.

We Create Our Own Content — Trainers & Experts at PSIB have formulated their own set of content that has proved to be beneficial towards the better learning curve for both of our programs.

We Build Relationships — The real reason we get to train our students so well is because of the fact that our trainers are just not another teacher in the classroom. They are more of an advisor, a friend & a long lasting support to make to achieve the unimaginable.

We create Maximum Job Opportunities — We have the association to the most reputed brands who have been showering our students with various job opportunities in the banking & private finance sectors.

It’s Always a WIN-WIN with PSIB — None of our students have been left out while learning during the classes or with the assistance for job from our placement cell. We take care of everything.


The banking industry is one of the pillars of significant sectors to the Indian financial system. Off lately, we have been seeing greater involvement of banks towards providing the goods and various services to facilitate an exponential growth in the financial insertion in our country. Thus, there has been tremendous demand for professionals with the best banking industry knowledge and skills to take banking to the most satisfactory level to the customers.

Banking consists of a business holding cash on behalf of customers that is allocated to the customer upon request, simply by looking at the lender to obtain a withdrawal or simply by cheque to another party. Financial services would be the services provided by the financial sector which includes a wide range of companies that manage cash. For example, credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, etc.

PSIB offers its aspirants practical exercises under the guidance of an extremely knowledgeable faculty who pass on their wisdom and fluency to students. After 75% of their supervision has been successful, they transfer their students to top jobs to give them a sense of a real market level and encourage them to enter the market.

PSIB is the best banking course institute and this is not we want to you believe right now A massive amount of trust and the results of our trainees posted in various financial organizations make us believe in the fact that we have been empowering our students with the right set of knowledge to excel in the competitive financial industry today. Also, we have the greatest number of reviews being posted on our social media channels from our students themselves after seeing the escalated growth in their chosen carrier through PSIB training.

The PSIB trains its applicants in one way so that they are able to bridge the gap between college studies and professional requirements. Banking and financial services are growing rapidly and are under the control of the bankers, offering an excellent connection for both new graduates and skilled practitioners, most of the time to join leading banking companies. The PSIB offers a professional class that saves cash, which manages a retail account, commercial maintenance of cash and related services and items.

The PSIB offers its candidates on-the-job training under the guidance of an exceptionally qualified faculty that informs students of their understanding and familiarity. After completing 75% of the programme, they train the students through important projects to give them the taste of the real market as well as the challenges associated with the job. In addition, PSIB helps its students get recruited by organizing dressing sessions and providing them with an understanding of the trade, making them a safe and professional individual. All this and much more is provided with a number of elastic timing batches such as the standard batch, fast track batch and weekend batch for working professionals.

PSIB offers this at a very economical fee which is nominal looking at the total of opportunities you will get once you are educated by them. PSIB also provides great job opportunities to their candidates like assistant manager in a bank, personal banker, bank clerk, banking sales supervisor and many more.


Each program is purpose-focused enlightening the students with complete domain knowledge whereas a course is more tool-focused where you can only upgrade a limited number of skills. Opting for a course is often seen to meet a short-term goal because as the tools get updated your skills get outdated. Hence you going for a program would be recommendable.

One should always go for a program which is onsite, instructor-led and heavily practice-driven.

But, one very important thing to keep in mind while you are enrolling for such courses is to know the worth of it in terms of knowledge and what at the end of the course you are developing within yourself.

If you wish to excel in a career in finance, you may feel free to consider any of our courses. PSIB provides 100% career assistance under these programs which includes resume building, extensive interview prep etc.

  • Investment Banking
  • Business Banking Relationship Manager
  • Wealth & Investment Management
  • Financial Analysis Certification

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