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    What do I get with a Grove membership?

    Grove is your partner for everything personal finance. Like working with a personal trainer at the gym, you’ll work with a Certified Financial Planner™ who will review your financial situation and discuss your goals. Your advisor will then create a plan for you with actionable to-do’s to maximize your money and put you on track to reach your financial goals. As part of your membership, Grove supports you by discussing your concerns, keeping you accountable to make progress on your money, and helping to adapt your strategy for any changes that life brings your way.

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    Can you tell me more about Grove’s financial plan?

    Your financial plan maps out a path to your goals. It starts with an overview of your current financial situation, capturing all of your assets, debt, income, and expenses. You’ll get specific recommendations on where to hold your assets, how much you need to be saving, what investments to hold in your portfolio, and more! We then focus on your goals, to help you understand what you’ll need to do to prepare for these milestones. For example, if you want to buy a home, we’ll help you estimate what price range you can afford, and help you understand and prepare for the expenses, from the down payment to property tax and maintenance. The most important part of the plan is your to-do list that summarizes the specific tasks you’ll take to put the plan in action. You can access your plan online and check off your to-do’s as you accomplish them!

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    Can I see a sample financial plan?

    We’re happy to walk you through a sample plan. Join an online intro session here .

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    How is Grove different from a robo-advisor?

    At Grove, each client starts by working with a Certified Financial Planner™ to put together a personalized and comprehensive plan. Our priority is to understand your goals and create a strategy for you to accomplish them. Depending on your situation, your plan may include recommendations on how much money should be invested and how it should be invested. Robo-advisors focus only on the investment portfolio you have with them, and generally are not much help in answering questions beyond that. In contrast, we can make recommendations around setting aside money, paying off debt, how much you need to save, and how to take best advantage of company and retirement benefits. Every situation is different and our advisors take the time to figure out the best comprehensive plan that is unique to each client. While you’re a client, our advisors are here as a partner to help you reach your financial goals — to check in, answer questions, and help keep you accountable!

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    Can Grove manage my investments for me?

    We can! We believe that financial planning and investing are closely connected, and we provide investment recommendations as part the planning service. For Grove clients who are interested in having an expert implement, monitor, and rebalance that investment strategy, we offer Grove Invest. It allows clients to take another responsibility off their plan - and the best part is that if your plan changes, we’ll seamlessly update your investment portfolio. Learn more about Grove Invest.

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    How does Grove’s pricing compare to that of a traditional financial advisor?

    Visit our pricing page to learn more about how Grove compares to a traditional advisor.

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    Do I choose which advisor I work with?

    When you join, we will evaluate your situation and match you with an advisor that is a good fit for your needs. Our advisor team frequently works together to figure out the best advice for their clients, so you’ll have the combined power of planning algorithms and a team of advisors behind your strategy!

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    Can Grove help me figure out…
    • if I should rent or buy?
    • if I can buy a home?
    • what to do with my company stock?
    • how much insurance I need?
    • if I can send my kids to private school? College?
    • if it’s better to pay off my credit card or invest my savings?
    • how to invest my money?
    • how to combine our finances now that we’re married?

    Yes! We can help with any of these questions and more. The answer to each of these questions will be different depending on each situation. We spend time getting to know you so we can tailor the plan to you.

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    How long does it typically take to get a plan?

    Once you complete your online profile and have an initial call with your advisor, we’ll typically deliver your plan in 2-4 weeks.

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    Is my data secure?

    Keeping your personal data private and secure is a top priority at Grove. We have designed our systems with multilayer security protections in place. When you are logged-in to our website, the information is transmitted with the same level of encryption used by banks and the military. Your encrypted data is stored on servers in a heavily guarded data-center. We have internal processes in place so that access to your data is restricted to only our employees who need to see it. Further, we routinely audit our network to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities and that no unauthorized access has taken place.

    Some of the specific security measures we use include:

    • SSL/TLS encryption of network communications between all of our servers
    • Networking provided by an ISO 27001 certified cloud computing infrastructure
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) mandated for our internal tools
    • Regular software updates throughout our office and system infrastructure, to keep pace with current security improvements throughout the software industry
    • Strict internal policies governing who has access to what kind of data, as well as how that data is stored
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    How long is the wait to become a client?

    Because we’re currently experiencing higher demand than usual, we’ve set up a waitlist where you can put down a deposit to place a reservation and lock in early client pricing.

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    What happens after I place a reservation deposit?

    Your refundable deposit holds your reservation and locks in early client pricing at $600/year. Your spot in line is based on when we receive the deposit and your location. We’ll keep you posted on the progress and we thank you for your patience as we scale up to meet the demand. When we are ready to bring you in as a client, we will send you an email inviting you to complete the signup process. When you pay, your deposit will be applied toward the $600 cost. You can email your advisor with any questions about your reservation.

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    How can I work at Grove?

    Take a look at our About us page for current openings. Interested in joining Grove but don’t see a perfect position? Speak up! Tell us your story, write your job description, and send us your resume to [email protected].

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